Bison for Better

Your purchase makes a big difference

When you purchase from us, you already bless your family with some of the healthiest meat in the world. You bless our family helping us to earn a living working with this beautiful land and animals God created for us. Eating bison helps in the restoration of this magnificent species that has been brought back from the brink of extinction, largely through the efforts of ranchers. Our bison help the environment by helping lock up tons of carbon per acre in the soil every year that they graze an area.

You can also bless other people as well. If you were referred to us by someone, they may have given you a discount code that gives you a 5% discount off your purchase, they also get a referral bonus every time that code is used for a purchase, so using that code helps that person and their family too.

If you don't need the discount and would prefer to pay it all forward instead, you are welcome to choose no discount and we will make a donation for 10% of the value of your purchase to one of the organizations below, you can choose which one. Simply enter the code given below, or if the code doesn't work for you, or you forget, simply send a message telling us that you would like to support one of the organizations listed below and we will pay it forward to them. If you have a gift card, you are welcome to use that in combination with one of these codes, it won't reduce the donation amount.

Lakeview Gospel Centre - is a church in Bonnyville Alberta that is doing amazing things in their own community and around the world. Their programs involve such things as youth ministry, community outreach, and supporting other organizations that help with things such as combating addictions and helping the poor. They also support missions around the world. This is where we choose to make the majority of our own personal donations. Use code LakeviewGospel

Lionheart Foundation - provides access to mental health care for children and youth. Mental health is an area that if not taken care of early can lead to long lasting problems, possibly even lifelong. Pandemic measures were hard on everyone, but especially kids. By helping lower income families get high quality mental health treatment for their children and adolescents, Lionheart is helping improve lives for some of the most vulnerable in society. Use code Lionheart

Elevate Aviation - is dedicated to helping women and girls get the training and mentorship to have better opportunities in the field of aviation. They provide bursaries and mentorships as well as direct training at their Elevate Aviation Learning Centre, located at the Edmonton International Airport. Use code Elevate

Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) - has been doing some great work in pushing back against government overreach in all areas of our lives. They provide pro-bono legal services for people who find themselves in legal trouble for standing up for their rights and they look for ways to challenge validity and constitutionality of laws and decisions that erode the level of personal freedom that Canadians previously enjoyed. Use code Freedom

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