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What is important to you?

Chances are, you are here because you are concerned about all of the toxic chemicals, drugs, and hormones being used in modern food production. Maybe you are concerned about the prevalence of glyphosate used on the crops we eat or that are fed to the livestock we eat.

Maybe you think there could be some unintended consequences to the growth hormone implants used in commercial beef production.

Maybe when you buy your meat you want to know that the entire package of burger comes from the same animal, and doesn't include any cricket powder or whatever else they are sneaking into our food these days.

Maybe you care about the environment but don't believe in the false narrative that red meat is destroying the planet. You want your meat to be more sustainable, but don't feel like "lab-grown meat" is the way to do that.

Whatever it is that has you feeling that there is something wrong with our food supply system, we feel it too. One thing we all have in common is wanting to feed our families healthy food from a source we can trust.

Let us help you with that. We can't solve all of your food sourcing needs, but if you want the healthiest red meat on the planet, you have come to the right place.

At Beaver River Bison Ranch we raise bison as close to wild as we can. Regenerative practices such as rotational grazing in our pesticide/herbicide free pastures is helping us to improve the soil on our land which benefits the bison, the environment, and you. We don't give our bison any hormones or vaccines. Our bison experience a bare minimum of handling, keeping them as stress free as possible. They are slaughtered right on the farm so that they don't experience the stress (increased cortisol and adrenaline) of handling and transport to an abattoir.

If bison raised in their natural habitat eating their natural diet sounds like the way you would like to raise your own meat if you could, we invite you to do it with our help. When you place a deposit on a bison or share of a bison with us, you are actually buying a live bison. We take absolute care of every detail of raising your bison right up until the moment we personally deliver it to your preferred address (Alberta only) cut up, packaged, and frozen. Or you can pick it up if you prefer (we would love the opportunity to show you the ranch). Once you experience the difference of eating your own stress-free bison meat you might never want regular beef again.

Be your own rancher, without buying a ranch!!!

Check out the video below

We have often been asked why don't we just take our bison to an inspected slaughter facility?

We first saw this video more than a year ago and were inspired to try to follow in the footsteps of Northstar Bison when it comes to the way they treat their bison.

If you are in the US and looking for some great bison products, we can't sell in the US, but we would recommend checking out Northstar Bison.

Field Harvest Video