Reasons you should NOT buy our bison

As amazing as it would be for my business if everyone needed our bison, there are many reasons someone should NOT buy from us. Here are 10 of those reasons:
1. You don't believe in eating meat.
I promise eating meat is really a thing, but if you aren't ready/willing to face that reality, I can't help you.
2. You think modern agriculture has designed better food than God did.
We try to raise our bison as close to how they live in the wild as we can. They graze our pastures that are a mix of native grass and bush. We move them around different sections of the pasture through the grazing season to simulate the effect of their natural migrations when they were truly wild. We handle them as little as possible and slaughter them right on the farm in the field in order to be as humane as possible, minimize handling and transport risk for the animals and us, and to produce the highest quality meat possible. If you think modern cattle breeds with growth hormone implants that are fattened on GMO grain sprayed with herbicides are an improvement on God's original design, you probably don't want what we are selling.
3. You hate the environment.
I get it it, I'm sick of the climate change agenda, carbon taxes, and virtue signaling by people flying around in private jets going to meetings about how cow farts are going to boil the planet. The last thing I want to do is support their goals. I must admit though that the way we do rotational grazing takes a lot of carbon out of our atmosphere and locks it into our soil. This actually causes environmental benefits though, making our land more resistant to drought and supporting higher biodiversity. I actually like CO2 in the atmosphere. Our grass and bison turn it into meat, oxygen, and increased organic matter in the soil.
4. You are already too healthy.
If you have already found the perfect fuel to reach your body's peak potential in terms of health and wellness, don't mess with that, keep doing what you are doing. If you think you might have some room for improvement, or maybe someone in your family could benefit from some of the cleanest most nutrient dense meat on the planet, you might want to look into whether our bison might be what can level you up.
5. You love the government and mega corporations because they have your best interests at heart.
I think the big corporations are almost exclusively motivated by profit and will do whatever they can to maximize their bottom line. I think government is primarily concerned with trying to expand their control as much as they can. If risking the lives of you and your family by spraying toxic chemicals all over the crops, purposely destroying our healthiest food sources, forcing us to take experimental drugs/ gene therapy, or shutting off our access to reliable energy sources can help them advance their agenda, they have demonstrated where their loyalties lie many times. I believe we are all much better off and much more resilient in terms of both food security and food quality if we have many smaller farms producing food locally instead of a few enormous operations supplying most of the country. If you think it is better to entrust a few mega corporations to supply all of our food because they can produce it cheaper at massive scale, then you should probably stick to supporting Walmart and Costco.
6. You hate bison and think the world is better off without them.
They almost went extinct 150 years ago, they have made a huge comeback, particularly in the last 40 years, largely due to ranches such as ours (as well as National Parks and Indian reserves). Buying bison from us allows us to keep growing our herd and contributing to this remarkable comeback story.
7. You follow the mathematician diet (food choices are completely based on lowest dollars per pound, or maximum calories per dollar).
If you are looking to fill your belly as cheaply as possible on a shoestring budget I don't need to tell you not to buy from us because you probably only buy rice and potatoes anyway. If you are lucky you might catch some insects or find some berries growing in the ditch or maybe even some roadkill to supplement your economic emergency food. Our bison isn't cheap. Even comparing to other bison producers we aren't cheap. If you value quality and knowing what has (or more importantly hasn't) gone into your food... you would be hard pressed to find a better deal than having us raise your own bison for you.
8. You prefer the taste of a glyphosate, chemical fertilizer, GMO cocktail.
We don't use any of that stuff. Our bison eat grass, and sometimes branches, leaves and bushes. We don't fatten them on grain. We don't use any pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, antibiotics, hormone supplements, steroids, vaccines, or any other crap like that. They eat the same types of plants they have eaten since the last ice age, in the same area they have adapted to over thousands of years.
9. You have an emergency barbeque coming up next week and you need some meat right away.
When you buy one of our bison, it's going to take a while before you get any meat from it. We exclusively pre-sell our bison while they are still alive. We only slaughter in the fall, and it takes 3-5 weeks from the time we slaughter for the meat to dry age, get cut up, packaged and frozen by our butcher, and then for us to deliver it to your home. Buying from us does require planning ahead, but it is worth the wait.
10. You are addicted to supplements and don't want to quit.
This can be a deal breaker. When you start eating bison raised on grass, some things are going to change for you. You are going to have some of the most bioavailable lean protein that can be found anywhere. With the high iron, zinc, copper, selenium, and other trace minerals, a lot of your supplements will be redundant. You will also be losing out on the inflammation that has been building up in your body as our bison fights inflammation with it's high Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio, and high levels of CLA (conjugated linolic acid). You can still take your supplements if you really want (maybe you love the taste), but you probably won't actually be needing them as much as you were before.
If any or all of these things sound like you, I would highly recommend NOT buying our bison. Eventually you would figure it out anyway that we are doing things differently around here and might regret stepping away from "normal".
If on the other hand you are ready to do something different. To invest in your health and food security. To take a whole lot more control over your food supply by supporting a small family farm right here in Alberta, I would invite you to consider placing a deposit on one of our bison and experience the difference for yourself.

See if you can figure out why most of our customers that received their meat in December, have already placed their deposits for this fall.
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